Now it’s September

Well it has been a great month. My time at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust has come to an end. I must say I have enjoyed it all. Even the rainy day (yes day, as in singular). I really enjoy that immersive, improvised acting.

The play “The King Factor” came and went. I hope to resurrect the role with my cohorts. There’s a lot of talent there.

Filming for “Music Speaks” has come to an end but there was a reshoot day for a couple of scenes. This meant that just as my beard was coming back I had to be clean shaven again. Starting to get back to normal now though.

So now it’s back to “resting” and looking for my next challenge but I do have my training workshops for voice, screen combat and scree firearms training to look forward too over the next two months.

Stay busy everyone.


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