Screen Combat training – What a blast

Already enjoying my workshops with Pocket Pictures Ltd and strengthening my skills with a fantastic mentor Mark Todd.  Another new skill.

Yesterday I attended StageFight’s Foundation StageFight‘s ECSPC Screen Combat Training. Not that I am likely to get cast as a combatant (age dear people, age). I think learning key skills from Fight Co-ordinator experts will just help me be a better actor.

What a great day. Yes I was the oldest, but it didn’t stop me from keeping up with everyone. So looking forward to seeing the results. I recommend this to anyone who wants to act in drama. Even if it’s only to gain even more respect for the Fight Director (thanks to Raph Aldis for a great day) and his team’s work. They are complete professionals as are we actors. I’ve always admired the work of Fight experts and stunt experts. That admiration has gone up a notch.

I’m looking forward to my Firearms training next month.

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