Getting Cold

The weather is changing and it is getting cooler.  It’s like a switch where everything seems to start slowing down. To fight it, I start looking for things to start warming things up. So I have just had a quick trip up to Yorkshire for a workshop. Met some really nice people. Always find it a little intimidating though when lots of people know everyone else and you are the odd one out. Trying to find a conversation you can fit in with, without looking like an idiot. I always enjoy coming up to Yorkshire.

Got a part in a feature film to be made in 2019. Really enjoyed reading the current draft. My first question was, when can I tell people about the film? Not yet, it appears. It’s like being shown a wrapped present being told, you can open it when the time comes, but I’m not saying when that is.

Back to the Midlands today. more networking. More, researching for my day job. Planning my research trip for my play.

Happy Monday everyone.

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