Another week of auditions & Line Learning

Don’t you find it a bit irritating well people tell you that you don’t do anything all day. Whether its for filming or stage, you just turn up and do it. Grrrrrr. There’s no preparation, is there?

Well this week it’s been more about looking at roles and applying. Well, not totally.

Got to see the trailer of the Documentary I am involved with “It takes a village”. It’s about a couple Keith & Hillary Walker who set up a charity and school in Gambia. Really an inspirational couple. More filming for that in February/March.

Got my script for a short film about a man with dementia. I admit, I cry as I’m trying to practice my lines. Have to keep going over the lines so that I can control my emotions when filming. “So hard, you know” (That’s a line).

Prep work for two auditions and off to see Tom Hendryk in Brick Lane ’78. A far cry from working with him in the Polar Express.

So looking forward to another busy week. Love what you do everyone.

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