Showreel 2018 complete

Well, Pocket Pictures Ltd have completed my showreel and it has been posted on my Mandy profile and uploaded to Vimeo. Click on the word to se it.

Now to upload it onto my website. Something for the weekend.

All my best wishes go to Waheed this weekend. I was due to do some filming for him but external  forces have caused it to be cancelled. All my thoughts are with you my friend.

Reading up more details of Francis Gastrell. The more I read the more interesting and complicated man I see. Very much of his day. I aim to do him justice.

Toby’s Story

Toby’s story helps to raise the profile of Male Mental Awareness in the UK. This is the story of a man whose inner turmoil leads to him committing suicide leaving a wife and two children of a loving family. The film explores how emotions that run deep and are hidden can have devastating effects.

Warrior Nation through The People’s Orchestra in West Bromwich commissioned the film and I feel very lucky to be playing the role of Toby with Vey Straker playing the role of Veronica his wife.

Despite some technical difficulties we managed to complete the filming of the short in two days. The emotions of the story line are difficult and draining when you have to repeat them. I hope I have done justice to a great team.

I admit I have done very little over the weekend but now it’s time to continue my research into Sir Francis Gastrell ready for my summer gig at Shakespeare’s New Place in Stratford Upon Avon.

Exciting couple of days

Well the last couple of days have been up and down. Had an audition/interview for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to play Sit Francis Gastrell at New Place for the summer in what they are calling “Gastrell on Trial”. I was so pleased to be offered the role. I find that immersive/improvised theatrical work really exciting. So that’s my weekends booked up until September.

The downside is trying to understand the requirements of Spotlight! I am sure I am eligible because of all my paid work but I didn’t put it over well on my application form. But the people over the phone have been very nice and explained who to contact about reviewing my application. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Today was the first day of filming a short information film about mental awareness. This is a far-reaching topic and close to my heart, so playing the role and getting it right is important. Working with the crew and production from Warrior Nation today was a total pleasure and enjoyable, even with the subject matter. I’m looking forward to working with them tomorrow to finish the shoot. I always enjoy working with people who are passionate and proud of what they do.

The weather brings out the best

Well, yesterday was a beautiful day in Yorkshire. The morning was spent at a  car rally before having an audition in the afternoon. Equus and Under Milk Wood were my chosen pieces.

Can’t say anything today but I’m hoping the paperwork arrives this week. A positive move in my blossoming move to professional acting. Exciting days, if not nerve racking at times.

Well today is driving back south to Stratford for some Shakespeare and then down to London tomorrow for a day’s shoot. A 7 am call in London. It’s going to be a long two days. But I’m smiling.

Rehearsed Reading

What an interesting time at Derby Theatre. “The Regulars” reading was for the first episode of an online series based in Brighton around a night bar to which an eclectic mix of characters would frequent. I played the the Bar owner Hywel. A gay Welshman who had to leave his home village because of his sexuality.

After the reading there was a discussion on the writing and how it could progress. It’s always good to hear how we all see different things in, what in essence, is the same piece of writing and reading.

I love characters with lots of light and shade and this character had that. Already told Jan, if this is ever commissioned I want to audition for it.

Thank you all.

Rehearsal for a Rehearsed Reading

The title does look a little odd. Derby University do a course of screenwriters to help bring on the next generation of great talent we have in the UK. One such writer is Jan Hobarcz who is planning a TV Series called “The Regulars” A great range of characters who frequent a late night bar in Brighton. Following an accident with a local gangster during a Birthday gathering Episode 1 deals with the aftermath.

Yesterday was the rehearsal and review of the characters at Derby Theatre. What a beautiful theatre! I’m off to see “Abi” (  being performed there in the Autumn. Looking forward to that too.

Today is reviewing the script and my characters ready for tomorrow. I love readings

Midsummer Night’s Dream

It’s always sad when a play comes to an end, especially when it’s with a great group of actors.

I want to say thank you to The Talisman for being such a welcoming theatre and to all the cast of Midsummers Night’s Dream, a big thank you.

I have enjoyed the whole experience and I look forward to crossing paths again with such a talented bunch.

A big shout out to Clare Sykes. Yes, she has immense talent but she also has her own theatre company United Theatre which is putting on a Panto this Christmas. Go and check them out

Here’s to the future of all of us. So much talent.
Thank you all and I hope to see you soon. 

Hello world!

Hello everyone. This will be my general blog page posting the highs and lows of what is happening around me.

I am writing it for no other reason than myself. A way to see my thoughts unfold. This may be a good idea, it may be bad.

But there’s only one way to find out!